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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being A Client

The relationship between a root doctor and his clients is not far off from having a regular doctor, or a therapist. Except instead of physical medicine or psychological treatment, a root doctor provides spiritual help. It's not about having a conjurer "on retainer," as it were. It's not often that someone thinks "I need some prosperity work" and just calls up their root doctor to set some lights for them (although there are those who do that sort of thing).

Generally speaking, you develop a relationship with your root doctor. He knows what's going on in your life. Like any good ethical worker with insight into your private business, he keeps that business private. A client may express things that are perhaps less-than-flattering if others knew about them, or reveal very private aspects of their life. It's inevitable when doing spiritual works that peoples hopes, dreams, fears and vices all come bubbling to the surface.

A client can expect a lot of things from her rootworker. A willingness to listen, a readiness to be severe when it's called for, compassionate when it is needful and above all else, truthful. Your root doctor is your ally, assisting you in living the kind of life you want to live, helping you tend to the spiritual aspects of your life.

There is usually an exchange of money for services. Some people balk at such things, but there are several good reasons for it. Firstly, a conjurer is making a living using the gifts they have spent long hours mastering. To fail to honor that, and to fail to help someone who is helping you to make a decent living, is to fail to honor that work they've done. If you don't honor someone's work and talent enough to want to see to an exchange in that way, then why are you going to them for spiritual help?

Secondly, as we talk about in Cooking Your Mojo, everything has mojo. In order to make the Work that is being done for you "hook onto you," you've got to invest something of yourself into it, especially if you're not doing the actual work yourself. A conjure doctor invests his own power into the work he does for you, but you need to do your part. We earn our money through our talent, our hard work and our will: all manifestations of a person's mojo. So when you give a conjurer your money for work they are doing, you are directly adding into the give-and-take exchange that really builds mojo up good and hot.

Though I may insist on someone I've never met undertaking a full consultation before we start working together, I don't usually charge a client who has demonstrated trust, a willingness to work and has the good faith to compensate me fairly for work I do on their behalf. We become a team at that point, and I'm available (on a reasonable basis) for discussion of what is going on, suggesting remedies for what troubles them.

If you're interested in becoming a regular client of myself or any other root doctor, start by employing us to do the work we make public. Readings, cleansings and other similar work, as well as buying the materials we suggest for your necessities are all a great way to lay the foundation of future work. Working with a conjurer is the creation of a relationship that can last for years and develop into deep bonds of trust between the client and the root doctor, just as with any care practitioner.

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