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Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Hands On" Work

When I talk about Hands On work with my clients, I'm referring to a style of in-person work in which the client is first cleansed, then anointed, prayed over and then the Work bound up tightly in that person's spirit. Hands On work is quite potent and relies a great deal on the interaction between two spiritual persons and the Divine Powers that support and uplift them.

The spiritual basis for this kind of work is the gospel injunction of Laying On Hands, in which one individual ministers to the spirit of another through the vehicle of physical touch. Such contact confers the blessings of the prayers sought and invests the one so blessed with the subtle virtues of the spiritual work being done.

There are a couple of basic steps in this process: the client is Cleansed, the client is Anointed, the Work is Performed, and then the Work is Sealed In. Many kinds of Hands On work often includes some follow-up Work as well. Let's look at this process.