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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Household Money Pot: Bring the Wealth Home!

The Money Pot
The money pot is a term that's used in a variety of contexts in conjure (as happens in a generations-old syncretic craft found through a wide geographical area). Most of them mean roughly the same thing: a container used to draw wealth into one's life. It's the precise method of creating them, and how they are used that varies.

I'm going to share my preferred method of making a money pot, a technique I prescribe to all my clients who are dealing with financial woes that affect not just themselves, but their whole household (or just someone in the household who wouldn't likely take part in conjure work to improve their prosperity themselves).

For this work, you'll need: a container (a plate, bowl or jar), a fair-sized lodestone, a single paper bill of as high a denomination as possible, some Prosperity Oil or Lodestone Oil.

Firstly, using either a pen taken from a bank (or other financial institution) or one with green ink, sign your name under the "Secretary of the Treasury" spot on the paper bill, over the signature that is already there. That is going to give you the spiritual authority to control the flow of money through your home.

Place this bill in the bottom of the plate, bowl or jar. Place the lodestone on top of the paper bill, and then anoint it with a drop or two of the Prosperity or Lodestone Oil.

Finally, speak a prayer of prosperity and plenty. You can make this up as you go, or use a favorite one. Traditional conjure often uses the Psalms for this kind of work. I would suggest the use of Psalm 23, for abundance and prosperity. If you have need of financial gain fast - and only if there is actual need - then you can use Psalm 70 for a quick boost to this (or any, really) financial work.

That's it! Just let your money pot go to work for you. Put your money pot in a place where it can see your front door (or whichever door the money-makers in your household use when they leave for and come back from work).

As you can see in the picture above, our household uses our Money Pot as a place for our coins, letting them bask in the pull of the lodestone before going back out into the world. It'll train them to "come home" and bring plenty of their friends with them!

Once a month or so, anoint the lodestone again, and pray your prayer over it. Every couple of months, feed your lodestone with bits of iron dust or grit, to keep it good and magnetic. Other than that, let it do its work.