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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Reading: 06•01•2012

Six of Pentacles  •  Four of Swords, Inverse  •  The Chariot, Inverse
Hello, all. Hope everyone had a great week, and here's wishing you a wonderful weekend.

This week's reading is for someone with a generous nature, someone who is very giving and selfless.

Spread: The Six of Pentacles; the Four of Swords, inverse; the Chariot, inverse

The Six of Pentacles is a lovely card, dealing as it does with generosity and selflessness. This is not just the careless generosity of someone who has always had a lot, but is the kind of generosity of someone who has worked hard for what they have, and have turned their pursuit of material security into a virtue.

The Four of Swords, Inverse is a warning card. It cautions you to stop and think about the situation, counseling caution and the seeking of clarity.

Finally, the Chariot, Inverse speaks to a situation in which someone is delaying and being self-serving. 

Interpretation: As the Past card indicates, you are wonderfully generous, giving of yourself and what you have to those around you. This is not a bad thing - far from it, it is all too rare in this world. But, the downfall of such a giving nature is the fact that there are people in the world who are only too happy to take advantage of you!

This is what the Present and Future card are warning of. There is someone you are actively helping right now who seems to be in a great deal of trouble - and they may be! But, they are also deliberately dragging their feet, resisting making things better for themselves so that they can continue to play the tragedy card to milk you for all you're worth.

You're going to need to stop and take a look at your situation - a very close look. If possible, step back from helping for a little while (the Four of Swords card is about repose and rest). Talk to people who know you and the person you're assisting, and get a realistic perspective from them.

Prescription: You might need some additional insight. I would advise a Consultation with a reader or rootworker you can trust to steer you right. It may be right in front of your face and you not even know it!

After you've identified who is doing the leeching in your life - and it may not even be malicious, mind you - it's time to do something about it. This sort of thing can go one of two ways: lovingly withdrawing support that allows them to just do nothing and instead extending aid that will help this person help themselves, OR cutting the cord now and just being done, acknowledging that this person is not your responsibility.

If you want to help them, maybe some Prosperity Work is called for? I would suggest that you start with a Van Van Spiritual Wash for them, and give them a good cleansing (the techniques for which we'll be discussing next week). Then, you'll want something to really help bring that success and material comfort into their lives. It might be as simple as setting a Prosperity Vigil with them, or perhaps helping them with some Money-Drawing Oil (if they're in immediate need), some Prosperity Oil (for a longer-term boost) or some Crown of Success Oil (if they need not just material comfort, but the success to get there and stay there). If things are really tough for them, you can add some High John the Conquerer Oil to any of the above, to give it "conquering power" and/or some Road Opener Oil to really push through any obstacles in the way.

On the other hand, if you are all done, it might just be time to cut your ties. I suggest being firm and to the point - you are done helping them, you have done all that can be reasonably expected (and more!) from someone else, it's time for them to make their own way. Don't get into an argument, because your decision isn't up for debate. Done is done. If this gets too difficult, I would suggest the use of some High John the Conquerer Oil to help you master the situation. If the person proves too much of a pest, and it's time for them to go, look into some Hot Foot Oil; alternately, if you'd like to keep this person in your life once you've navigated these troubled waters, some Peace Oil may be just what the root doctor ordered.

If you're interested, I do full Tarot readings, including photos of the spread for you to keep and refer back to. A three-card spread (like the one above) is $10. A full ten-card spread - a much more indepth look at the foundations of the issue, what is causing problems in the now, where things are going and the hidden motivations and fears of both yourself and those around you - is $30.

Just send me an email, and I'll arrange an appointment either in person or via phone or Skype for a reading.

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