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Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday Reading: 06•08•2012

Queen of Pentacles (Inverse) • Knight of Pentacles (Inverse) • Magician
Hello, all. Well, I did up the Friday Reading for last Friday, as usual. But for some reason, I seemed to have left it in draft form, rather than actually publishing it, so it's just been sitting unseen on the blog, not doing anybody a damn bit of good.

This week's reading is for someone who has been having a severely difficult time, in terms of finances and material comforts. It's not pleasant, but you need to hear it.

Spread: The Queen of Pentacles, inverse; the Knight of Pentacles, inverse; the Magician.

The Queen of Pentacles, Inverse is in your past. The root of all the things you're facing down looks like a case of being stripped of your power by either bad circumstances or depression - possibly both. The Queen of Pentacles, Inverse is a card that about poor health, particularly of the emotional or mental variety, and a deep sense of melancholy.

The Knight of Pentacles, Inverse is in the present, representing stubbornness, pickiness and worst of all, laziness. There is a sense of dissatisfaction and even a sort of foot-stomping brattiness about your current condition. You don't like it, but none of the things that will lead you out of it seem "good enough" or worth the effort.

Lastly, the Magician is good news, baby, particularly in this read, in this spot. The Magician is all about exacting your Will on the world around you, harnessing your creative powers and achieving your goals.

Interpretation: At first, the difficulties were legitimate. The current economic climate is hard, and when bad things happen - either in you or in your environment - it can be disastrous. Two Pentacle court cards leave very little doubt that this has hurt your family's security and your way of life.

But here's the problem. After a while? It's too easy to become complacent in your melancholy. Too easy to become stuck in the bad place you're in. That's what's happened to you - you've become used to being in a crappy situation. Maybe you've become a little too content with ekeing out unemployment or other public assistance, or maybe you've just come to not care anymore, relying on those who love you to take care of you.

Enough is enough! The Magician is in your future, honey, and that means something. You have dreams that you've let just sit and moulder like old socks at the bottom of the hamper: they're starting to smell already! Get up. Get off your ass. Figure out what you want to do, and go do it.

You have allowed your situation to leach away your personal power. It's been hard, but there is a time when you're going to either have to take a deep breath, put on your best outfit and make some changes, or you're just going to continue to degenerate until you don't even recognize yourself, and you'd rather hide in your vices and entertainments than admit how far you've fallen.

So. How do you do something like that? I'm glad you asked.

Prescription: Your personal power. You need it.

First, a spiritual cleansing. It's time to get all the muck of that old life you've been leading the hell off you. So, being with a Spiritual Wash, using a formula like Van Van or Cast Off Evil. Or, you can use a handful of epsom salts, a handful of kosher salts and mix those into a gallon of "tea" brewed from any combination of rosemary, hyssop, lemongrass, pine needles or eucalyptus. Use the Traditional Spiritual Cleansing Method for this step.

Next, figure out what your dream is. It doesn't have to be exactly what you "want to be when you grow up" - it can be as simple as "all our needs met, with a little extra for life's luxuries." Write it down on a piece of brown paper bag that is torn into a square shape, with no machine-cut sides. Then, turn the paper 90º, and write your name across that wish three, five or seven times. When you write your name on something, you claim it, so that's what you're doing here. Fold up that paper by folding it towards you three or five times, and anoint it with an appropriate oil.

You might use a Prosperity Oil to draw general prosperity, a Crown of Success Oil to allow your skills to shine and draw the notice of those in a position to help you, Road Opener Oil to shove aside obstacles and open doors in your life, or a High John the Conquerer Oil so you can reclaim your creativity and your power.

What you do with that petition paper is up to you, then. You might put it into a Rose of Jericho, soaking the plant until it opens, placing the paper within it and then taking it out of the water until your wish is granted. You might also put it into a bag to carry with you, or place it under a candle anointed with the same oil (a green candle for Prosperity, a gold one for Crown of Success, an orange one for Road Opener, a purple one for High John the Conquerer, or you can just use a white candle, or one in the color of your Lucky Blessed Candles).

Finally, pray a Psalm over the Rose, bag or candle. Psalm 15 or 104 are used to overcome depression, Psalm 19 is for overcoming a confining illness, Psalms 24 & 25 are to gain great strength in the face of opposition, Psalm 65 is used for luck in finding a good (or better) job and Psalm 129 is to achieve great spiritual power (good if you're using High John the Conquerer Oil).

Then go out there and do the hands-on work, knowing that you are supported in the spiritual realm.

If you're interested, I do full Tarot readings, including photos of the spread for you to keep and refer back to. A three-card spread (like the one above) is $10. A full ten-card spread - a much more indepth look at the foundations of the issue, what is causing problems in the now, where things are going and the hidden motivations and fears of both yourself and those around you - is $30.

Just send me an email, and I'll arrange an appointment either in person or via phone or Skype for a reading.

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