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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lucky Blessed Candles

A selection of candles
In the manuscript called Black & White Magic - which purports to have been written by Marie Laveau herself - the sections on astrological lore denote a "Lucky Blessed Candle" for each sign of the Zodiac.

Lucky Blessed Candles, when used in this context, are stand-ins for the individual. That is, they are you, expressed in candle magic purposes. They are a wonderful and simple way of Setting Lights for yourself without resorting to a huge variety of different candle colors.

Each sign has two colors associated with it. You can use either color, though most people will have an affinity for one over the other. Some people also choose to use one for attracting conditions and the other for repelling or protection against them. Use prayer and your intuition to figure out what works best for you.

What is Your Lucky Blessed Color?
(Note that some signs have the same colors.)

With your Lucky Blessed Candle chosen, all you then have to do is anoint the candle with whatever condition oil fits what you need. Need money quick? Anoint your Lucky Blessed Candle with Money-Drawing oil. Looking for love? Anoint it with Love-Drawing oil. Even if you don't have the specific condition oil used for that situation, all it takes is pouring some olive oil in your hands and praying over it, asking that your needs be met to give you a perfect anointing oil for any purpose.

This is an excellent tool if you primarily Set Lights for yourself, as compared to setting them for other people. Black & White Magic suggests keeping your Lucky Blessed Candle burning any time you are having difficulties of any sort, anointed with olive oil.

Some folks like to set up glass novena candles in these colors for themselves, and add things like taping a photo of themselves to the front of it, or putting a name paper for themselves under the candle, but these are extras, and absolutely not necessary. All that's needful is that you find a candle in your Lucky Blessed color, handle and anoint it yourself and burn to bring the Light of the Heaven into your life.



  1. I'm afraid to use candles, since my cats love to knock things over.

    1. One way that some folks deal with that issue is with a "shelf of lights" - getting and installing a very simple shelf somewhere up above their Working space or anywhere, really, and using this shelf to place burning candles on.

      Others place them in an area where they can keep an eye on them, and then set them in a sink or bathtub if they have to be away from them for any length of time. It's the burning that matters, not where it burns at. ;)

  2. Wouldn't mind hearing your advice on anointing in general. Is there a particular best practice, such starting at the top and working down? Do you sprinkle oil directly on the candle or amulet and then rub with your hands, or do you sprinkle in your hands and then rub the object? Etc.

    1. When anointing a candle that isn't in a glass jar, start by pouring a little oil in the palm of your cupped left hand, and placing the candle down in it, starting at its middle. Then, twist it clockwise as you pull the candle across your palm, from the middle to the top. Then, return the center of the candle to the middle of your palm, and work it counterclockwise from middle to bottom. This represents the sending of your prayers into the heavens, and the blessings then descending to earth to you.

      Most other things (including the tops of candles in jars) are anointed with a clockwise motion if you're looking to bring things to you, or a counterclockwise motion if you're banishing or getting rid of something. If you're laying down a protection of some kind, use the Cross or an X.

      With regards to anointing other things, I always place the oil on my hands first. The true saining (blessing, empowering) principle comes from the laying on of hands. The oil just gives the mojo you're lending it a "flavor," kind of like laying a colored lens (the oil) in front of a bright light (your hands and body).