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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Reading: 05•25•2012

Seven of Cups  •  The Magician  •  Ace of Wands, Inverse
Hello, all. Hope everyone had a great week, and here's wishing you a wonderful weekend. This week's reading is something of a sombre wake-up call. It's not just a warning, but it also tells you what to be careful of. If this is for you, take heed!

Spread: Seven of Cups, The Magician, Ace of Wands (Inverse)

The Seven of Cups is a card about day dreaming and wishful thinking. It's a card about unrealistic goals - of what you'd really like things to be rather than what they are.

The Magician is an extremely auspicious, powerful card! This is about the manifestation of your Will, the power to make your dreams come true - often through the use of meditation, visualization or even flat-out magical or spiritual efforts.

Finally, the Ace of Wands (Inverse) is a card that warns of a lack, denoting delays and bad timing.

Interpretation: Alright, now - the Past card. Here lately, you've been engaging in some dreaming and hoping. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - that's part of the wonder that makes us human. Engaging in idle wishful thinking is one thing, but choosing to live in an unrealistic world, with expectations thereof is a recipe for unhappiness, m'dear.

The Magician card in the Present tells us that you're very busy trying to manifest that daydreaming you've been doing. You're giving it your all, too, maybe even including magical work in an attempt to realize that dream. It's a powerful effort.

But our Future card gives a sombre warning - down this path lies only spinning wheels and empty results. The fact is that while you've been putting good solid effort, the structure you're building is built on the gossamer and cobwebs of unrealistic expectations. It's not your Will that is lacking in making it happen, believe me - that Magician card is proof of that. But you can't create what isn't createable, and it's going to result in a lot of effort towards no real end.

It's time to reevaluate. Is what you want to achieve realistic? How much is serious, sober, well-considered goal, and how much is airy-fairy wishful thinking?

Don't abandon your dreams - that's not what I'm saying here. But it's time to give them a very close examination with the old jaundiced eye. Get a little cynical...but not so cynical that you abandon it all completely. Sometimes the path to those big dreams that are impossible in one go is to break them down into smaller steps. Is that feasible?

Prescription: If you're looking for some good old-fashioned conjure help with this, I would honestly suggest going and getting a good, full Tarot or other reading. The one I did above is vague, and touches on some of the overall strokes, but getting some direct questions answered would be beneficial. Once you've got some additional questions answered, you can figure out where to go from there.

If you're interested, I do full Tarot readings, including photos of the spread for you to keep and refer back to. A three-card spread (like the one above) is $10. A full ten-card spread - a much more indepth look at the foundations of the issue, what is causing problems in the now, where things are going and the hidden motivations and fears of both yourself and those around you - is $30.

Just send me an email, and I'll arrange an appointment either in person or via phone or Skype for a reading.

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