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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tobys: Care & Feeding of Your Mojo Bag

Crossroad Joe's
"Good Doctor" Mojo Hand
Your mojo bag (also called a “hand,” a “toby” or a “gris gris”) is not just a “spell bag,” as some people call it. It’s more than that: your little toby is a spiritual being carefully crafted and given the Breath of Life by the rootworker who made him.

Though he’s a simple little guy, he’s dedicated to his work and devoted to you. All his efforts will be bent towards the purpose he was created, and he works night and day. But there are a couple of old conjure “rules” for dealing with him:

Give him a Name. He’s his own little fellow, and so he needs a name. I’m not going to give that to him, so when you first get your toby, feed him for the first time (see below) and you give him a name. Just whisper it to him: “You name is ______” three times.

Keep him close for a week. For one week, you keep him really, really close to you. Skin contact, and as constant as possible. Women traditionally tuck a toby into their brassiere for that first week, and both men and women frequently pin him to the inside of their underclothes. It will probably be inconvenient, but this week’s worth of contact is necessary. He’s “getting to know you” during that time. Just think of him like a baby - he’s bonding during that first week.

Keep him in contact after that. After that, just carry him with you. A pocket or bag is fine, as long as it’s not some place that someone else is going to be able to get to him. The more you carry him, the stronger the work he does is, so keep him with you.

Keep him protected. He’s a delicate little guy, and needs to be protected while he does his work for you. So, carry or keep him in a place where no one else is going to touch him. If someone who isn’t you touches your toby, he’s dead. Seriously - he has to remain in contact with no one but you. It’s honestly best if no one else even really sees him, and even if someone does, try not to talk about him too much. The more you talk about him, the more distracted he’s going to get from his work. Remember - he’s a simple little guy.

Keep him fed and appreciated. Finally, the work he’s doing is hungry work. Once a week, take the oil that you’ve been given and feed him with it. Dab a little on your finger, and anoint the bag in the “five spot” pattern - the quincunx, which looks like the 5 marking on a die with pips. While you feed him, thank him for the work he’s been doing. Specifically name any successes you’ve had happen, or if there’s been no improvement, you thank him for the work, but explain that you need him to work a little harder. You can also use whiskey or Hoyt's Cologne.