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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Consultations: What To Expect

Many conjurefolk offer consultations, usually with a fee attached. A lot of folks new to hoodoo don't invest in those consultations, however, for a simple reason: they're not sure what to expect. Those portions of American culture that maintain a connection with conjure - mostly those areas with a solidly Southern African-American background - have operated with them for so long that many workers don't really think about explaining the idea to newcomers.

A consultation is just that: a chunk of the root worker's time, in which the client discusses what his or her problems at current are, and the root worker discusses possible remedies. Many consultations also come with other aspects, as well. For instance, a great many hoodoos do very simple divinations during the course of a consultation, just to get a bit of perspective beyond the immediate words of the client.

This isn't because they believe a client isn't being truthful, although many clients do tend to either rose-tint the situation, or paint it as more dire than it is. In truth, it's to give the root worker an additional perspective on what is going on. For that reason, many readers also employ their own psychic talents, reading the client in order to gain further insight.

Each reader has a different technique, and includes different elements as part of their services. Some of the various elements include:

  • Natal Chart Readings: Some readers like to do a natal chart interpretation for their clients before they see them. This gives the root worker some insight into who the person is that they'll be doing work for. Different signs react to situations differently, and having an idea of how a person communicates - as an example - by determining what sign their Mercury is in can go a long way towards creating a harmonious consultation atmosphere.
  • Cleansing and Sanctification: Many root workers like to start a proper consultation with a quick cleansing. This may be done in many ways: smudging or fuming the room and client, sprinkling about Florida Water or salted water, brushing down the client with a black wing brush or any of the other methods preferred by the worker. These assist in both focusing client and hoodoo, as well as clearing away any lingering "messes" from the client's day to day life that might inhibit good insight and wisdom from the exchange.
  • Prayer: Many hoodoos also begin and end consultations with prayer, asking for wisdom and guidance, for clarity of vision and to sense the will of the Divine Source in prescribing spiritual remedies.
  • Discussion: The core of the consulation is the discussion, an exchange between the worker and the client. The root worker may ask very personal questions in order to gain insight into the issue and the client's life in general, or may invite the client to simply tell him the story of what is going on. A good worker listens to what the client doesn't say as much as he listens to what she does say, and asks questions accordingly.
  • Tarot Readings or Other Divination: Some readers also provide a short divination into the question, probing for additional elements that even the client may not be aware of. Not all readers do this, particularly those who actively charge for readings, but even some of them will simply fold the price of such a divination into the consultation cost.
  • Prescription: Finally, after the issue has been picked apart, read, meditated on and prayed over, the root worker will lay out some suggestions for dealing with the issues at hand. Some workers prescribe only a single remedy ("Go and bathe in a good cleansing herb bath, and then set a green light with Prosperity Oil for nine days"), while others may offer a variety of options ("I would suggest some cleansing, definitely. After that, you can go with setting a vigil light or a mojo hand if you want something simple, or there is some altar work I can show you how to do if you'd rather get a little more involved."). All of these will depend on the style of the root doctor in question.
If you've got any questions about getting a consultation done, please don't hesitate to ask. Either email me at joe (at) crossroadsjoe (dot) com, or simply reply to this post, and I'll answer your questions directly.

Getting a Consultation from Crossroads Joe: If you're interested in a consultation, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can do them in person if you're local to Portland, or over the phone or Skype if you aren't. I always include a simple three-card reading as part of the consultation. This can be had for $20, but if I prescribe something during the consultation, and you purchase at least $10 worth of those supplies from me, I'll knock the price of the consultation down to $10.


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