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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Reading: 5/11/2012

Death   •   Seven of Cups   •   Two of Cups
Here is today's three-card Tarot reading, in which I simply apply to Source for insight, and to allow whoever is supposed to see this to see it.

Spread: Death, Seven of Cups, Two of Cups

The Death card reflects transformations, particularly the ongoing continuation of cycles of ending and beginnings, with a period of fallow inbetween.

The Seven of Cups is the dreamer's card, representing wishful thinking, day dreams, even visions and hopes.

The Two of Cups is a card of partnership, of balance and good communication. It can also reflect a new love relationship.

With two out of the three cards in this reading being of the suit of Cups, this reading is probably one dealing with relationships and emotional connections, probably a love relationship.

You've just been through something heavy. Some big changes lie in your recent past, changes with great impact. They may not have been hard to accomplish, mind - like death, you might not have had much of a choice in them and were simply swept along. I'd say you were probably abandoned in some manner, broken up with and not even given a choice to do anything about it: that other person was just gone before you knew it.

Right now, you're doing a lot of daydreaming and wishful thinking. Have you gotten to the point where you're imagining what your next relationship will look like? How it will improve, how beautiful or handsome that next love will be, how they will treat you better? All of that is good! Sometimes our failed relationships aren't failures; they're ways of showing us what we actually want out of relationships, opportunities to identify what it is we want out of them.

The important thing is going to be communication. In the relatively near future, you're going to have an opportunity for that new relationship. This reading is very clear: COMMUNICATION IS KEY. You need a partnership. The temptation will be to go into your next relationship with all sorts of demands based on what was wrong with your last relationship, but be careful - relationships are about compromise and communication, figuring out the wonderful middle ground between the extremes of who the two of you are, and if you hold on too tightly to those daydreams, you'll never find that perfect mate.

This doesn't mean you sacrifice all of those ideas, of course - but find a way to be reasonable about them, to get what you want that doesn't force your new love to demolish who they are in order to be with you.

Best of luck! Get your best perfume or cologne on, and maybe spiffy up your wardrobe, because that someone is just around the corner.

And if you need a little help - maybe some Love-Drawing oil, spiritual wash, or even a mojo hand to help out with all of that, you let me know!

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