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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anointing Oils 2: The Different Varieties

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
The kinds and types of oils available to the modern rootworker can be absolutely staggering. Large producers can have dozens or even hundreds of different kinds of oils, each with their own recipe, name, label and intended use.

In this post, I'm going to talk about my oils. At current, I maintain a formulary of seventeen oils whose recipes produce oils that I am confident providing to my clients. Each has been tested by myself and other workers close to me that I trust. Sometimes, the recipe had to go. Ultimately, though, these oils provide just the level of functionality and aromatic bouquet that I want in them.

Also provided are links to entries for each of these oils, currently on the Facebook page for Crossroads Joe's Hoodoo Ministrations & Conjure Formulas. Come check us out!

Cast Off Evil Oil: Aid in throwing off stagnant and wicked influences, habits and addictions.
Fiery Wall of Protection Oil: For protection from harm.
Van Van Oil: For cleansing and purification.

 Love-Drawing Oil: To draw new romance, or put the spark back in an old one.
 • Steady Relationship Oil: To strengthen the roots of an already-existing relationship.

 • Healing Oil: For healing and good health.
 • Peace Oil: To help bring tranquility and peace of mind.

Crown of Success Oil: For increasing skill and favor.
Money-Drawing Oil: To bring money fast!
Prosperity Oil: To ensure long-lasting prosperity.
Hot Foot Oil: For making that nuisance get out of your life!

Fast Luck Oil: For quick luck; add to other oils for fast results.

Lucky Dicer Oil: For luck in games involving dice.

High John the Conquerer Oil: For a boost to any magic, and to strengthen a man’s nature.
Queen Elizabeth Oil: For dealing with womens’ issues, and to strengthen a woman’s nature.
Road Opener Oil: To clear the path and open doors; add to other oils for things where you’ve got obstacles.

 • Mercury Oil: To assist in easing communication and travel.

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