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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Reading: 02•15•2013

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new Friday Readings! In it, we take anonymous questions and concerns from our readers, provide a big of root doctoring spiritual diagnosis and prescription.

Dear Crossroads Joe:

My husband and I are wanting to expand our family. When that happens I am considering becoming a stay-at-home mom of sorts. This idea is counter to everything I've ever thought I wanted and actually makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable as I feel as though I wouldn't really be contributing or would not perceive myself as successful. However, I believe it would be really good for my family especially our kids. So A) Hubby needs a secure job where we can afford this. B) I need a confidence boost to follow this and let go of my preconceived notions of success/failure.

What are your thoughts?

Cautiously Domestic

The Reading

Ace of Swords • Devil, Inverse • Six of Wands, Inverse

Great question! Without further ado, I'll do a quick read on this situation, throwing three cards for you, one in the Past, one in the Present and one in the Future.

Well, in the past, the Ace of Swords there tells us that this issue has been the beginning of conflict in the past. This isn't just an internal issue, is it? You've had to fight against someone expecting you to adhere to the stay-at-home role in the past, it looks like.

In the present is the Devil, inverted. The Devil card is normally about being bound up and trapped. Inverted, it looks sort of like freedom, but is that simply another form of imprisonment? Be aware of a lurking fear there. You'd like the idea of staying at home to be one where you "get to" do so - where you're blessed with the luxury of being so. But there is also a part of you that is afraid it's also a trap, on some level, like you're giving up autonomy and control over your life. After all, you'd be dependent, and that's something that it looks like you've fought hard against.

In the future, though, is the Six of Wands, inverse. In that position, this card is about tension and demotion. If you do go forward with this, be aware that feelings of frustration and resentment may bubble to the top, because on some level, you're feeling like you've been lessened or reduced in some capacity.

The Prescription
Queen Elizabeth Formula

Were you one of my clients, we'd first look at whether or not you wanted to go forward with this at all. That's a host of prickly points just waiting to jab at you: you've fought against people forcing you into this role, you feel like you're giving up your autonomy and independence, you may come to resent what you feel like is a reduction of the person you've fought to become.

If you do want to go ahead with it, then, it might be time to lay claim to a different sort of power. For this, I'd suggest working with the Queen Elizabeth root - the very essence of womanly, regal might. I consider the Queen Elizabeth root to be the sort of feminine version of the High John the Conquerer root, in that capacity, and she has long aided women in dealing with "women's troubles" from feminine health issues to child-bearing and -rearing to running a household.

So, a Spiritual Bath, then, using a Queen Elizabeth root-based product, like my own Queen Elizabeth Spiritual Bath Salts. Use this three, five or seven times, according to the proper techniques for spiritual bathing. Anoint the candles you use in that bath with some good Queen Elizabeth Oil, and add that oil liberally to your laundry and anoint yourself at hands, head and heart with it.

You might also wish to use a mojo hand to help you with this. I would advise my client to get a Mother's Friend Mojo, specially designed to help a mom deal with the myriad issues that crop up in life. That little toby will help you not just deal with those issues, but deal with having to deal with them!

Thanks for writing in!

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