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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Reading: 2•22•2013

Last week's Friday Reading was a very specific question, which is good, because we can get a lot of detail and focus in on specific issues. But not all questions have to be. Sometimes, asking a very general question, leaving it up to your reader to fill in the blanks, is a good way to go. This week's Reading is along those lines.

Dear Crossroads Joe,

Will my love life change for the better in the next few months?

Hopeful and Curious

The Reading
Six of Wands • Five of Cups • Queen of Pentacles, Inverse
With a quick throw of three cards, we are given an immediate snapshot of the situation in general. In the Past is the Six of Wands, denoting celebration, good news and empowerment. I'm guessing that there is a relationship in your past that you've been thinking about some.

Unfortunately in the Present, we have the Five of Cups, painting a grim picture of depression and a sense of mourning. That relationship - or really, the happiness you remember from it - has been sort of haunting you of late, making you wonder if you'll have that again.

In the Future is the Queen of Pentacles, inverse, which is, sadly, another card associated with melancholy and sadness. It's accompanied by a sense of inability, as well, the feeling of having forgotten how to "do it right".

So. According to this throw, it honestly doesn't look like there's anything up ahead in terms of your love life, not because of a lack of opportunities, but because it looks like you might be doing a little living in the past. How frequently do you compare what could be in the now with how things were in the past, and they fail to live up? Please beware of romanticizing relationships in the past - it's hard for the "could be" relationships to live up to the rose-hued "has been" relationships, you know?

The Prescription
Now, there are two possibilities, depending on where your mental state is at. If you are indeed being haunted by an old relationship, the possibilities that seemed to be there, and everything else, I would strongly recommend some Cut & Clear work. Miss cat yronwode's Lucky Mojo site has the go-to description of this work, down at the bottom of her Cut and Clear page, under "A MAGIC SPELL TO DESTROY YOUR PAST CONNECTION TO A LOVER OR FRIEND AND DRAW A NEW AND BETTER LOVER OR FRIEND TO YOU IN THE NEAR FUTURE." (Quite the mouthful!)

Now, if you were my client, we'd figure out at this point if there was someone you were interested in. If there was a specific person, we might do some red candle and lodestone work to specifically attract that person; if not, we could do some more basic love-drawing work without someone specifically in mind, but just sort of opening up and seeing what the world has to offer.

Even if you didn't want to necessarily do extensive altar work, there are some great things we could do using the Love-Drawing formula, particularly Love-Drawing Oil. I would suggest a couple of things using that oil:
  • Wear the oil as a magical perfume when leaving the house.
  • Add a capful or two of it to your laundry.
  • Anoint a white, pink or red candle with it, and burn while praying Psalm 138 or some other prayer that asks for love to be introduced into your life.
Thanks for writing in!

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